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Real patients who share their life-changing results after surgery with Red Rose Desire.

Breast Augmentation
325cc Mentor implants Over The Muscle

Breast Augmentation
400cc Implants under the muscle
19 Jan 2019

Breast Uplift
with Implants
17 May 2019

Breast Augmentation
400cc Implants Over The Muscle
20 April 2019

Breast Augmentation
450cc Implants under the muscle
10 Feb 2018

Breast Augmentation
600cc Implants under the muscle
6 Jan 2018

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    Breast Augmentation
    Mentor, round, high profile. Right: 600cc. Left: 650cс

    Breast Augmentation
    415cc Implants under the muscle
    23 Feb 2018

    Breast Augmentation then uplift
    520cc Allergan under the muscle
    3 Nov 2017;  12 Oct 2018

    Full Tummy Tuck 
    12 Mar 2016

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