Breast Re-Augmentation


Breast Re-Augmentation is the removal and replacement of existing breast implants. There are a number of reasons why you might choose to change your implants and we can help you with this.

blankOur highly specialised breast surgeons have years of experience helping patients amend complications or dissatisfaction that has come as a result of a breast implant procedure done elsewhere.


Breast Augmentation at Red Rose Desire may be performed for a variety of reasons:

• Asymmetry – Changes in the breast over time or changes in the implant itself can result in visible asymmetry of the breasts. During breast revision surgery, your surgeon can replace or adjust your implants to ensure a more even look.
• Breast Shape – If your breast shape isn’t how you imagined, breast revision surgery can correct these issues to give you a beautiful, flattering look.
• Capsular Contracture – Capsular contracture is the number one reason why women seek out breast augmentation revision surgery. It’s common for scar tissue to form around your new implants as part of the body’s natural healing process. In capsular contracture, however, that tissue can become rigid or painful. Revision surgery to correct capsular contracture either release the scar tissue to open the implant pocket again, or removes the scar tissue entirely, allowing for a softer, more natural look.
• Implant Issues – Whether the problem is visible rippling or a deflated implant, revision surgery can resolve the issue. Implants can be adjusted in size or placement to address problems with visibility or wrinkles, and deflated implants can be refilled or replaced. Some women may even choose to have their implants removed completely.
• Size Changes – Following surgery, some women may decide that they initially went either too large or too small with their implants. Revision surgery can remove the existing implants and replace them with the correct size to match your preference and your proportions.

We believe Red Rose Desire provides the most patient-focused cosmetic surgery, offering a wide variety of breast procedures, like breast reduction surgery, breast uplifts, and breast enlargement surgery.

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Breast Re-Augmentation:  From £6000

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These photographs represent typical results from past patients. They will give you an idea of our work but, as with all surgeries, please be aware that every person’s shape, size, skin and healing ability is different; meaning every individual will have different results, even if having the same surgery.

We feel it is important to follow a careful and systematic approach to breast augmentation revision and to keep you and your expectations in mind. Breast re-augmentation may include exchanging the implants for a new shape or type, increasing implant fill to reduce rippling, or revising the implant pocket for improved breast implant placement. The surgical plan depends on your anatomy, expectations, and cosmetic concerns.


Breast RE-Augmentation with Red Rose Desire

All breast re-augmentation revision procedures are performed in a day care unit with the patient under general anaesthesia. Our doctors specialize in using the most modern revision surgery techniques that utilize the already existing scars to replace and remove an implant or breast. This can reduce recovery time and minimize complications such as an inability to breast-feed or loss of nipple sensation.

Revision surgery may take one to four hours, compared to primary breast re-augmentation which is generally completed in one to two hours. Though revision breast surgery is technically more complex than the initial breast surgery, recovery times are typically shorter with less associated pain than the first surgery, as it does not commonly involve cutting muscle tissue or creating a new implant pocket.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I replace my implants with a different size?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions by women considering this surgery. We have a number of implants to choose from and the size is always discussed with your surgeon during your complimentary consultation.  Many ladies choose to go bigger as they feel more and more conformable with their new shape. This is perfectly fine.

Q: What implants do Red Rose Desire use?
A: There are a number of implant options available to you from a number of brands.  We always ask that you take time during your consultation to discuss and agree your desired shape and size so that the specialist surgeon can recommend and fit you with the perfect implant to suit you.  Surgery is tailored to you, always.

Q: How do I choose my new size?
This is often one of the most difficult decisions as size is always dependent on your body shape and frame size. During your consultation, your surgeon will work with you to identify what size of breast you desire from re-augmentation. “Breast size” as measured by bra-size is variable and is often not a good way to measure final size. As a general rule, every 125-150cc of implant volume equals an increase in a single cup size. However, every patient’s body is different. By working with your surgeon and their clinical team, you can set obtainable and healthy expectations together. It is helpful for you to bring in a bra of the size you would like to be, to help in finding the right sized implant for you.

Q: Can I have breast re-augmentation without implant replacement?
A: It is possible to remove your breast implant without replacement, and your breast surgeon will discuss your concerns and the desired look and feel during your consultation.  He can also best advise on the result, and if required look at various sizing options.