Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast enlargement or breast augmentation surgery is perfect for ladies looking for a fuller, more symmetrical breast shape, and also gives you the option of an enlarged size.

If you are considering an increase, perhaps you are naturally flat chested, or your breasts are not equal to your frame, with a range of implants to choose from, you are able to work with the size of your breasts and your desired look and feel, and can achieve a more curvy result.

Our breast specialist surgeons perform more breast enlargement or augmentation surgeries than any other type of surgery. Our NHS trained professional team assure you, you are not alone in considering this surgery, in fact, you can rest assured that you are in experienced hands.

Although we perform many enlargement surgeries, each one provides results that are tailored, and no two are the same, this is about you and your journey.


Complimentary consultation

We always advise you to book in for a complimentary consultation with our breast specialist surgeon; that way you can discuss your expectations, size and shape and can ensure that your surgery is perfectly tailored to you.  At the same time, the surgeon will talk through the range of implants on offer, the lifetime replacement warranty and the recovery and aftercare.

We believe Red Rose Desire provide the most patient-focused cosmetic surgery, offering a wide variety of breast procedures, like breast reduction surgery, breast uplifts, and breast enlargement surgery.

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Breast Enlargement: from £4850


Full aftercare plan with surgeon and personal nurse
On-call nurse (24hrs)

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These photographs represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes cosmetic surgery will achieve the same results.

 Whatever the reason you may have for considering Breast Enlargement Surgery we are here to steer you in the right direction. Our highly-specialised breast surgeons are on hand to discuss your options with you at no extra cost. Our mission is to listen to YOU, to understand your story and kick start your journey to your perfect result.


Breast Enlargement Surgery with Red Rose Desire


Breast Enlargement Surgery has never been as safe and simple as it is today. We can now provide you the shape and size you’ve always wanted with a very safe and effective procedure. 

Breast Enlargement Surgery does not only increase the size of the breast but it also gives a very attractive curvaceous shape. We stress the safety and simplicity of this procedure, usually performed under general anaesthetic, our surgeon will make a very small and discrete incision, creating a pocket. This pocket will accommodate a silicone cohesive gel implant, which is placed behind the breast tissue, giving it both a natural look and feel.

The duration of the procedure is short however we still advise you to take at least seven to ten days off work for optimal recovery time. We will invite you back to the clinic at prescribed intervals for follow-up examinations with your surgeon to aid your healing and monitor your breasts.  Aftercare is vital in achieving the best results possible and it is all included in the cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a larger implant mean additional cost?
A: Red Rose Desire only use the highest quality implants available which hold a Lifetime Guarantee.  There are a range of implants to choose from, all available at different sizes.  We like to think that you are able to select the best ‘fit’ for you, at no additional cost.

Q: Will I have to stay overnight?
A: During your consultation, our team will discuss your suitability and personal wishes, you may be able to return home the same day, as many of our patients prefer, or if you select, you can choose to stay overnight with full care provided.
Each option is more than possible, and as always, tailored to you.

Q: Does breast enlargement surgery affect breastfeeding?
A: If you are planning on having children/more children prior to surgery and breastfeeding we advise that you speak to the surgeon at your consultation and state this as he/she can advise you on the best placement of the implant to try and avoid disruption to the milk ducts however this is not guaranteed.

Q: How do I choose my new size?
A: This is often one of the most difficult decisions, and will all be dependent upon your size and frame and your desired end result. During your consultation, your surgeon will work with you to identify what size of breast you desire from augmentation. “Breast size” as measured by bra-size is variable and is often not a good way to measure final size. As a general rule, every 125-150cc of implant volume equals an increase in a single cup size. However, every patient’s body is different. By working with your surgeon and their clinical team, you can set obtainable and healthy expectations together.

Q: How long after a baby can I have implants?
A: You will be able to have a breast augmentation 6 months after giving birth, however if you are breastfeeding then you cannot have surgery until 6 months after you have stopped.

What is recovery time?
Every patient is different and you can be sure that your nurse is on hand to help you through your recovery, for as long as it takes.  We advise an underwire-free soft bra for the best support for at least 4- 6 weeks post op, and we also advise that you avoid heavy lifting or exercise for the same time.  It is advised that you stay out of work for at least 2 weeks after the surgery due to wound healing and bruising.