breast uplift

Breast Uplift (Mastopexy) surgery is one of the most common surgeries at Red Rose Desire and can be performed for a number of reasons, for a wide range of patients.

Naturally breasts sag over time, some more than others, and this can leave women feeling extremely conscious about their breast’s positions, shape, and size. The most common cause of breast sagging is breastfeeding and/or pregnancy, weight loss, exercise and, although there are different degrees of sagging, an uplift can transform the breasts to achieve a pert, natural, fuller appearance.

If there is sufficient volume in the breast, an uplift can be performed without an implant. However, if additional volume and perhaps bigger size is desired, the option to add an implant is available too.

The surgery is always tailored to you, to your shape, and to your desired results. During your complimentary consultation our specialized breast surgeon will talk you through the procedure, pre and post-op, and discuss your hopes and expectations; so together you can create a tailored plan for you, individually.

We believe Red Rose Desire provides the most patient-focused cosmetic surgery, offering a wide variety of breast procedures, like breast reduction surgery, breast uplifts, and breast enlargement surgery.

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Breast Uplift: From £7375

Breast Uplift with implant: From £7975

Monthly repayment options available

Breast Implant Options


Full aftercare plan with surgeon and personal nurse
On-call nurse 

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These photographs represent typical results from past patients. They will give you an idea of our work but, as with all surgeries, please be aware that every person’s shape, size, skin and healing ability is different; meaning every individual will have different results, even if having the same surgery.

Whatever the reason you may have for considering Breast Uplift Surgery we are here to steer you in the right direction. Our highly-specialised breast surgeons are on hand to discuss your options with you at no extra cost. Our mission is to listen to YOU, to understand your story and kick start your journey to your perfect result.

Breast Uplift Procedure at Red Rose Desire 

During a Breast Uplift, you will be put under general anaesthesia for around 1.5 to 3 hours. Our surgeon will first make several incisions, removing any loose skin and tightening the breast. The nipple will be relocated to a higher, central position to give the breast a firmer, more natural look. The areola size may also be altered to give an overall authentic appearance, giving you a more youthful and firmer result.

Every woman’s recovery process is different; however, you will need rest and to avoid any lifting or strenuous activity for a while. We advise you to take time off from work and you will be encouraged to discuss resuming normal activities with your surgeon and aftercare nurse. Your breasts may be swollen at first, this is normal, and the results of your surgery will improve with the full result being visible within 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really need an uplift?
We tailor your surgery to you, and so we always advise you to come along and meet with the surgeon, discuss your expectations and allow him to find the best possible procedure for you.
If you have larger breasts that have lost their shape, or you have loose skin, or have breastfed, it is more than likely you will benefit from an uplift.  Your surgeon is always on hand to talk you through the best options.

Q: Does an uplift mean implants?
We perform uplifts with and without implants, and this depends on you and your desired shape and size.  Naturally if you are looking for more volume and a bigger size, implants with your uplift will help you achieve this – if you have volume, an uplift alone can provide you the perfect lift and shape.

Q: What is recovery time?
Every patient is different and you can be sure that your nurse is on hand to help you through your recovery, for as long as it takes.  We advise an underwire-free soft bra for the best support for at least 4- 6 weeks post op, and we also advise that you avoid heavy lifting or exercise for the same time.