Katie Dowdy

Breast Augmentation
450cc Under the Muscle

I decided to have surgery because I used to be a lot bigger around 3 years ago and lost a lot of weight and unfortunately my boobs went with it! I’d been paranoid about them ever since and felt self-conscious all the time, I did think about it for a long time and went for various consultations but decided red rose were the best option and felt most comfortable with them.

I’m so so happy with my decision and have no regrets about it. It’s given me the confidence boost I needed and I can wear things I never thought I’d be able to wear.

I’m from Lancashire and I have been an estate agent for the last 2 years.

The procedure I had was breast augmentation with 450cc implants under the muscle, I had them done in February 2018.

My recovery was difficult at first, I had two weeks off work, it was just hard to use my arms and pick things up but the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! And I’m a wimp with pain.. as soon as the two weeks were over I could do a lot more I just made sure I wore my sports bras all the time. I went back to the gym properly maybe 3 months later and just made sure I was careful doing chest exercises.

Having this surgery is the best thing I ever did and I couldn’t thank Red Rose enough for all the support and also aftercare they give you throughout the whole process. Thank you!