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Nose reshaping surgery can also be known as rhinoplasty and is the UK’s second most popular cosmetic procedure, and one of the most fulfilling cosmetic options available.

Through nose reshaping surgery you can refine the bridge, tip or overall profile of the nose and even change features you may not like about your nose, such as flared nostrils or irregular bumps. Your confidence will soar with a new nose that’s more aesthetically pleasing to you.

There are a variety of procedures available dependent upon the look you want to achieve. We would advise a full consultation with our trained Surgeon who will assess your profile and advise you on the most appropriate procedure for you.


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These photographs represent typical results from past patients. They will give you an idea of our work but, as with all surgeries, please be aware that every person’s shape, size, skin and healing ability is different; meaning every individual will have different results, even if having the same surgery.

nose reshaping at Red Rose Desire.

The operation will be carried out under a general anaesthetic and takes approximately 1 hour depending on the type of surgery.  You will need to wear a small plaster dressing (splint) for about seven days following your operation. Please be prepared to take some time off work and avoid any activities that could cause any knocks or bumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will a nose job affect my breathing?
As you will expect with any surgery, there will be swelling. After Rhinoplasty the swelling you experience will induce some difficulty breathing through your nose for the first couple of weeks. After the swelling subsides you shouldn’t have any difficulty, although breathing may feel a little different.

Q: Does a nose job hurt?
A Rhinoplasty procedure is done under general anaesthetics, so you won’t feel anything while the procedure is being done. However, there will be some discomfort after the procedure, and you will be prescribed pain relief which you can continue upon discharge. Any discomfort or pain should subside within 7-10 days of surgery.

Q: What side effects can it have?
It is common after a Rhinoplasty to experience the following side effects:

• Blocked Nose – you will need to breathe through your mouth until the splint is removed.
• Stiffness and numbness of the nose.
• Soreness, swelling and bruising – this can occur around the eyes and nose and can last approximately 3 weeks. Please note that this can vary from person to person.
• Light nosebleeds- you may experience light nosebleeds in the first-week post-surgery.

Q: What complications can occur after surgery?
Please note with any surgery it does come with the risk of complications, although these are not common, they will be stated in the documents you receive. Some risks can be:
• Permanent breathing difficulties – this could be due to the airways being restricted when reshaping or narrowing.
• Damage to the cartilage wall between nostrils and occasionally heavy nosebleeds.