Laura Boardman

A little bit about you (where you’re from, what you do etc) and your decision – ‘your why’ for surgery?

I’m from Preston and I am a secondary school teacher. I decided to get breast augmentation surgery as I have never been happy with my appearance and body shape and it was something I had concidered since my early teens. I had slowly lost all confidence in myself and I knew that getting breast surgery would make me feel like the woman I always wanted to be.

The procedure you had?

I had 325cc Mentor implants placed over the muscle

How your recovery was?

My recovery was so much easier than I anticipated! I was a little sore when I initially woke up, but I was up and around by day two! My recovery was very chilled with no problems or issues! My nurse and the post op team were amazing with any questions I had, my recovery couldn’t have been better!

How you feel now and what your surgery has meant to you now post op?

I fell so confident! I have been out and bought all new clothes that I would never have even concidered buying before. I am so happy, it is the best decision I have ever made. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but Red Rose Desire definitely gave me the happiness and confidence I always wished I had!!