Combined Surgery

A mummy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures, custom-designed to restore your pre-baby body after the dramatic physical changes brought on by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.


Procedures include:

Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement – Breast enlargement or breast augmentation surgery is perfect for those looking for a fuller, more symmetrical, more proportioned breast shape; with the option of enlarging the breast size if desired too.


Naturally, breasts sag over time, some more than others, and this can leave women feeling extremely conscious about their breast’s positions, shape, and size. The most common cause of breast sagging is breastfeeding and/or pregnancy, weight loss, exercise and, although there are different degrees of sagging, an uplift can transform the breasts to achieve a pert, natural, fuller appearance.
If there is sufficient volume in the breast, an uplift can be performed without an implant. However, if additional volume and perhaps a bigger size is desired, the option to add an implant is available too.


Combined Surgery Price:  Upon Request


Full aftercare plan with surgeon and personal nurse
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Breast Re-Augmentation is the removal and replacement of existing breast implants. There are a number of reasons why you might choose to change your implants and we can help you with this.
• Asymmetry – Changes in the breast over time or changes in the implant itself can result in visible asymmetry of the breasts
• Breast Shape – If your breast shape isn’t how you imagined, breast revision surgery can correct these issues to give you a beautiful, flattering look.
• Size Changes – Following pregnancy, some women may decide they wish to change the size of their implants.


After childbirth or weight loss, the stomach can be left loose and sagging. This can be remedied with a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, which can also have the added advantage of removing stretch-marked skin. Following pregnancy or substantial weight loss, the abdominal muscles and skin may become weakened and loose, often resulting in bulging of the lower abdomen and stretch marks on the overlying skin.
Similarly, a caesarean section or hysterectomy scar may cause an overhang of loose skin in the lower part of the abdomen which can be impossible to shift, even with regular exercise or a healthy diet.


We understand that dieting and exercise don’t always achieve the results that we want from our bodies, and we can have areas that are really challenging to change or improve. This can be down to genetics, health, lifestyle, age and more. Prospective patients come and see us to discuss Liposuction for all areas of the body including the stomach, torso, bottom, hips, legs, arms.


The labia is the tissue on either side of your vaginal opening and inside of the “outer lips” or labia majora. You can find them coming down from either side of the clitoris and can also be referred to as your “inner lips” or labia minora. Many women are born with larger or more elongated labia but in some cases, this can occur later in life due to factors such as aging, childbirth, menopause, sexual intercourse and more.