Aftercare Post Surgery

Having cosmetic surgery is a life-changing decision and a truly life-altering experience. Looking after yourself following your surgery is a crucial part of your recovery; it can be as important as the surgery itself.

Post-surgery appointments

Making sure that you follow the advice and information given to you by your surgeon and aftercare team will help to ensure you have a safe road to recovery.
It is important that you attend all post-operative appointments. Your surgeon will need to monitor your progress and ensure that you are healing properly. During your aftercare appointments, your surgeon will be able to note any complications or areas that need further care.

It can be tempting to skip appointments if you are feeling fine, but it is important that your surgeon regularly monitors your progress and uses this time to evaluate your results and recognise any potential complications that may not be easily noticed by you. It is also a great opportunity to chat with your surgeon and aftercare team about any concerns you may have and quickly iron out any worries.
Your cosmetic surgery team are very experienced and can be fully trusted to guide you through your cosmetic procedure and aftercare journey. However long your recovery may take, we are here to work with you to achieve the best results possible.

Too much too soon

Allowing you body enough time to rest and heal during the recovery phase is vital if you want to see the long-term benefits of your cosmetic surgery. If you try to get back to your pre-surgery routine too quickly: returning to work, the gym, energetic family activities, housework or carrying heavy objects, may cause damage to the recovering muscles or tissues, wounds and scarring, this may hinder your recovery or you may require further procedures to correct any damage caused.

You should expect to experience some swelling, bruising and soreness following any cosmetic procedure, this can take, days, weeks or months to settle down and it is important that you adhere to the advice, tailored specifically for your procedure, given to you by your surgeon and follow the recovery process before you try to return to your pre-surgery routines and lifestyle. You will need to be patient, but the long-term results will be worth the wait.

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Rest, recover, revive

Rest is what the body needs the most post-surgery, it helps the natural healing process and puts you on the right path for a good recovery. Avoiding any vigorous activities and physical stresses can help your body to heal. Try to avoid any stressful situations that cause you to worry; it’s important that you feel relaxed and calm so your body can heal; finding out as much as you can about what to expect from your procedure will help you feel prepared and informed, helping you feel relaxed.

Getting enough sleep is also vital for your aftercare; at least 8 hours sleep each day will be a great benefit to your recuperating body.
Stock up with plenty of healthy, fresh foods prior to your surgery. Giving your body the right amount of nutrients to aid the healing process is a great way to speed up your recovery. Keeping hydrated by drinking lots of fluids is also important for your recovery; choose water and fresh juice, steer away from tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks, and avoid alcohol.

Help from friends and family

It may be a good idea to arrange with friends and family to come and help you in the first few days or weeks following surgery. The reassurance of someone being there to help in the early days of discomfort or help around the house will be a great benefit and important for your safety and aftercare. If you have young children at home, you may need to arrange help with their care or getting them to and from nursery or school in the initial few days/weeks post-surgery. Feeling comfort in that fact that you have everything arranged and organised will give you great peace or mind and help towards a calm recovery process.

Preparation is the key to great aftercare, but in the event of any issues post-surgery, make sure you know who to contact if you are worried or experiencing any complications after you have left the clinic. We are here for you every step of the way and will support you throughout your recovery process.

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