At Red Rose Desire, no patient’s cosmetic journey is ever the same; even if two people might be having the same surgery, with the same surgeon.

Every single person that walks into our consultation room has different needs, dreams and desires for their bodies and minds alike. Some will be having surgery for medical, physical reasons such as a breast reduction to relieve back pain or perhaps rhinoplasty to help with breathing difficulties, whilst others will be choosing to have a procedure to help them regain confidence in themselves aesthetically with a tummy tuck, breast uplift, liposuction, labiaplasty and more.

We aren’t a quick fix, in and out, type of cosmetic surgery business that aims to make everyone look the same, churning out patient after patient, with the same results for all. We work closely with you before, during and afterwards on your own personalised cosmetic surgery journey, ensuring that you are fully aware of all procedures, options available to you as an individual, as well as the physical and mental effects of your surgery in particular, and surgery in general too.

Initially, many will feel nervous, uneasy, sometimes even guilty about wanting surgery, other’s will be excited and want to rush straight in! We are experienced in dealing with people of all walks of life; ages, genders, and backgrounds, and are great believers that if you are looking at surgery options for the right reasons, then we can absolutely assist you from start to finish.

The ‘right’ reasons are of course subjective, but we always want to ensure that our clients aren’t looking for surgery because they feel pressured, feel they must look a certain way to fit in, to make someone else happy / jealous or to save a relationship. We work with people who feel that certain parts of their body are causing them to feel anxiety, stress, discomfort or in whole a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Patients that are looking to enhance their features, redefine and augment certain areas of their body so they feel more like themselves, physically and mentally.

We don’t want to make you someone you’re not, or think you should be, we want to help you be the person you really are!

When you come and see us, right from the very first enquiry you make, your journey with us will be as unique as you are. Every person’s body is completely distinctive and specific to them such as age, shape, size, collagen amounts, skin elasticity, skin type and a person’s health can all effect the choices and decisions of the surgeon. Surgery is not a one type fits all, there are many factors that must be considered by a surgeon in order for them to tailor a cosmetic strategy just for you.

Whatever your goal as a patient, we will work with you directly on a personalised plan to create your own individual journey; a journey that is initially lead by you, your body, your health, and hopes. Our highly skilled and experienced surgeons will listen to your aspirations and use their knowledge and expertise to achieve your aims in the best, safest way possible.

Always individual, always unique, always all about you, your body and of course, your mind.