Breast Reduction Surgery can be life changing and have a dramatic impact on health and fitness too. Imagine a procedure that not only reduces the size and weight of the breast, but also eliminates chronic back pain, difficulty exercising, shortness of breath and a lighter version of you.

Breast Reduction Surgery to reduce the size of your breasts can leave you feeling more confident in your interactions and allow you to undertake day to day activities with more ease. We speak with patients who have suffered for many years with heavy, undulous breasts which have caused them to avoid swim suits, stay away from certain clothing and many who have struggled to find bra’s and suitable underwear too which they feel comfortable in and that offers the right amount of support.

Breast Reduction Before/After

More than that, ladies have come to see us, complaining of shortness of breath, daily struggles with exercise and a real strain on their shoulders causing headaches and, in some cases, a hunched posture. How frustrating for these women who complained of being short of breath or tired quickly because of the additional weight of their chest.
Numerous patients told us that they struggled to get comfortable at night and this missed sleep caused issues with daily motivation and exercise. We also heard from ladies who lived each day with terrible back and neck pains and even some who experienced numbness.
Working out with large, heavy breasts isn’t easy either, what about a sports bra, and the difficulty of getting one that fits and offers the right amount of support. Breast reduction surgery and achieving a smaller breast size allows women the opportunity to be active and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

Following their operation, women reported;

– A more varied, unlimited wardrobe choice
– An increase in their self-esteem
– Improved wellbeing and mental attitude
– Health benefits including lowered cholesterol and no more headaches
– Physical benefits like fitness and improved cardio
– Improved sleep and relaxation

Following surgery, patients can live their lives without restrictions, without additional weight to carry around and with an improved healthy lifestyle…but an increase in one’s self-confidence remains at the top of the list and is the number one reason changing breast reduction patients lives.