Choosing the Right Surgeon for Your Breast Surgery.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Your Breast Surgery.

We understand that having breast surgery is a big decision and that there is great planning involved beforehand, especially when trying to decide which surgeon is the right one for you.

Here we discuss how our patients can start by considering a breast surgeon best suited to them. One of the points we discuss most often is the tailored surgery approach, yes I know, we bang on about this often because it is at the heart of what we do. It is important for our patients to know that each person is treated like an individual, their breast surgery is about them, with results as unique as they are.

That said, each surgeon works in a slightly different way, and their results show this. We want to ensure you find the perfect surgeon, one you have met, feel comfortable around and trust will deliver your transformation.  We work with some of the most skilled surgeons in the North West, and feel confident we can help you find your perfect match.  What else can you consider?


Be sure to understand how each surgeon has been trained and what qualifications they have. They may be members of professional organisations such as BAAPS and BAPRAS.

Specialist Surgeons and Experience

We are always happy for you to view the surgeons CV, and to ask questions about their experience, training and specialist expertise. We know that for surgeons, each day they keep learning and over their careers develop more and more experience in their chosen field.


We encourage you to take time to read through our patient real reviews, these have been sent in by real patients who have often described and commented on their surgeon and the work they have done. Understanding how others feel, others who have been through a similar journey is always helpful when doing your research. Often our patients leave before and after images too, which can give you a good understanding of the results you can expect.  You can also take a look at some of our patient spotlight stories, which detail specific surgery journeys and inspirational stories.

Meeting and feeling comfortable

Please take your time with this, meeting your surgeon is a big deal, and one we always insist on. Come along for a complimentary consultation with your chosen surgeon, or more than one surgeon if you wish. There is no pressure, we want you to feel confident and comfortable you have made the right choice. We encourage questions and your surgeon will take the time to give you all the answers you need.

We hold clinics with the breast surgeons in Preston, Bolton, Warrington and Manchester regularly
and can organise a one to one appointment at a time convenient for you. Get in touch to request the next dates.

After Care

Will this be done with the surgeon? With a different team? Is it included?
Our aftercare and recovery is just as important and is always included. Your surgeon will be on hand to guide you through your follow up appointments as well as your aftercare nurse team.

We offer unlimited aftercare, and we are with you for as long as you need.

Introducing Mr Aftab Siddiqui to Red Rose Desire.

Introducing Mr Aftab Siddiqui to Red Rose Desire.

We are thrilled to welcome Mr Aftab Siddiqui to our phenomenal team of surgeons, and excited for you all to meet him.

Thanks to both technological advances in medicine and more varied surgical options for both face and body, cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever.  As procedure demand increases, the demand for highly qualified, specialist surgeons also grows. Especially for those specialising in the most popular procedures – breast enlargement, liposuction and tummy tuck surgery.

Aftab SiddiquiMr Siddiqui arrives with nearly 20 years experience, and as a member of BAPRAS he comes highly recommended and experienced particularly in breast surgery.  Mr Siddiqui has also been heavily involved in breast cancer services, skin cancer services and hand surgery, as a highly regarded surgeon within the NHS and on the GMC specialist register.

We believe as a clinic that while specialisation is extremely important for the best result, so is experience in a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of both the face and body. This is precisely what Dr. Siddiqui brings to Red Rose Desire, and the advantage we’re able to offer patients.

Offering complimentary consultations with Dr Siddiqui at our Manchester and Warrington clinics.  You can book your complimentary consultation here.




  • MBBS (Hons), MRCS Ed, M.Ch (Plast) FRCS (Plast)
  • Fellow European Board Of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS)
  • Diploma European Board of Hand Surgery (FESSH)
Breast Surgery – Implant Over or Under the Muscle?

Breast Surgery – Implant Over or Under the Muscle?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK, and we welcome many ladies who are considering breast enlargement, breast uplift surgery or breast reduction surgery each year to Red Rose Desire.

For all those considering breast surgery, there are many decisions to make: what size, what shape, what implant style and warranty. One further area to consider when considering breast enlargement surgery will be your implant placement; either over the chest (pectoral) muscle or under the chest muscle. This is an important part of surgery and will play a large part in your new post-surgery look and shape.

During your first consultations with the surgeons, you will discuss the right options for you.  There are several factors that may determine which implant placement is best for you, during your consultation our highly experienced surgeons will discuss with you the benefits and considerations of both procedures. Although breast augmentation is very popular, our aim is to ensure that each procedure is tailored to you as an individual patient, taking into consideration body shape, chest size, desires and personal expectations.

Here are the options;

Over the muscle (sub-glandular)

Implants Over the Muscle

Details: Full and natural volume. Breast Augmentation using 450cc Implants Over the Muscle by Mr Sharif.

Placed under the breast tissue and above the chest muscle, this is a very popular option. A slightly less invasive procedure as only the breast tissue and skin are affected, not the chest muscle, meaning that recovery can be quicker and less painful. If you are looking to enhance existing breast tissue then it’s possible to use larger implants when placed over the chest muscle, also, by placing the implants closer together, an enhanced cleavage is created; desired by many of our ladies.

If you are athletic and enjoy sport activities, then this may be the better choice for you as your implant won’t interfere with the chest muscle when it is worked.
The sub-glandular technique creates a more rounded look; preferable for some patients but not for patients hoping for a more natural look; this is a purely personal choice.

As the implant is above any muscle, there is only skin supporting the implants and so you may have a slightly higher chance of experiencing skin rippling or stretch marks, although these can settle over time.
One final consideration for the sub-glandular technique is during a Mammogram it can be tricky to clearly see all of the breast tissue, so extra images may need to be taken; some ladies find this procedure uncomfortable.

Under the muscle (sub-muscular)

Breast Implants Under Muscle

Details: Breast Augmentation using 450cc Implants Under the Muscle.

For this technique, the implant is placed partially under the chest muscle. This technique will be a perfect choice if you are hoping for a more natural look, as the implant is covered by breast tissue and muscle.
An added benefit of this technique is that it causes less strain on the skin surrounding the breast as the muscle helps support the implant – although there can be extra time to consider post operatively.
There is also less chance of rippling of the skin as again the implant sits under the muscle and protects the area where the implant meets the skin. The occurrence of Capsular Contraction is also reduced and any interference of the implant at Mammograms is less of a problem.

If you are thinking of having more surgery in the future to further enhance your body, this technique lowers the risk of interrupting the blood supply to the nipple.

So, there are lots of positives for you to consider. A few things you should think about before opting for the sub-muscular technique is that the surgery required is slightly trickier; possibly causing some pain, and recovery time may be longer due to the more invasive surgery procedure. Our post-surgery care team will assist you throughout and provide any necessary pain-relief or after care.

If you are a particularly active person, you may notice your implant change shape slightly when you exercise the upper body muscles, but for daily activities you shouldn’t notice any change.
Until the chest muscle relaxes your new breasts may sit a little high, but this will lessen as the muscles relax post surgery and your breasts settle into their perfect positioning.

Consultation decision making

We will of course take great care of you during your time with us. Booking a first complimentary consultation with the specialist surgeon will allow you time to talk through the benefits and areas to think about for each implant placement technique, taking into consideration your preferences and needs along with the professional guidance of our experienced medical team. Our team are here to help and support you with all the decision making to ensure you achieve your dream of having the perfect result you desire.

If you would like to find out more about implant placement or have any questions, or would like to come along for a free, no obligation consultation then please contact one of our team by clicking here.

10 Reasons to Choose Red Rose Desire.

10 Reasons to Choose Red Rose Desire.

Choose Us For Your Cosmetic Surgery – Start Your Transformation Now.

Complimentary Consultation with Surgeon


  1. Our Focus is You.
    Personal results, superior care, you are always first.
  2.  Experienced, Registered Surgeons.
    First-class expert surgeons when you need them.
  3.  FREE Consultation.
    Always with your surgeon, always complimentary.
  4.  Location to suit YOU.
    Offering consultations in Preston, Bolton, Warrington, Manchester.  Across the North West.
  5.  One Clear Cost.
    No additional extra’s or hidden costs.  Full post aftercare included.
  6. Patient-Lead Surgery.
    Surgery tailored to suit you, no result is the same.
  7. Impressive Patient Gallery.
    We are proud of our portfolio and can show you many before and after images at any time.
  8. Five Star Feedback From Real Patients.
    Read REAL feedback and reviews from real patients.
  9. Payment Options.
    Payment plans and 0% finance available.
  10. Dedicated, Personal Nurse On Call.
    The very best aftercare, expert advice and high standards of care.

Get in touch with us today to book your complimentary consultation.

Patient Feedback & Reviews.

Patient Feedback & Reviews.

Trusted Reviews From REAL Patients.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our patients think of the service by looking at our recent cosmetic surgery reviews – all verified by independent review company Feefo.
You can read our reviews here.
All of our patients are invited to leave feedback, via an email invitation, regardless of what surgery they had, how long that surgery took, or which surgeon carried out their procedure. We want to know how you found our service and we are always ready to listen.  Our team, waiting times and aftercare are all hot topics, to ensure we provide the best quality service at all times, with more than 1000 cosmetic procedures carried out, we know a thing or two about cosmetic surgery.

Why do we ask for feedback?

There are two reasons why we ask all of our patients post surgery for their thoughts, feedback and real reviews.  One, so we can share honest feedback with new patients, who are considering cosmetic surgery, and who are wondering what surgery entails and what can be expected. Two; to gain valuable feedback from patients, who often have thoughts about how we can improve our care and areas which they would like to see change.

We are always happy to hear from patients, and know it is crucial that any improvements or criticism are taken very seriously.It is also a great way to get to know our patients and to understand the level of change they have experienced and what this has done to their lives and their body confidence.

Red Rose Feedback

1. Patient feedback will help you during your initial stages to understand more about Red Rose Desire, and to make informed decisions about the level of care and the results you might expect.
Whether you are interested in Breast Enlargementwith implants, Tummy Tuck Surgery, Facelift Surgery or Liposuction, our reviews and feedback from patients who have chosen Red Rose Desire will give you the confidence to make the right choice.  Some of the patients who have left reviews have also included before and after images and photos which they have taken to document their experience.
They have used real thoughts and emotions and many of them have even told you their body story and the reasons why they chose to have cosmetic surgery. With over 1000 procedures carried out at Red Rose Desire, we know that many of you want to see and hear from previous patients, and as well as these reviews, this feedback and the gallery pages, we are also happy to share some contacts with patients who are happy to speak with you and share their transformation story.
2. Patient experiences and areas we can improve or things to note and take on board.  We like to think that although there is a lot of confidentially, there is also a time to be transparent and honest.  We ask each patient to give us their honest and open account about the care they have received, so that we know that each member of our team is upholding our 5* reputation and taking care of our patients as we would want them to take care of us.  Feedback is crucial to us and we take it very seriously.  It is also a great way for us to admire the great life changing stories of patients who have been in our care and come through with transformed results.
**All Red Rose Desire patient satisfaction scores and reviews are correct at time of publication 16/08/2019
We are proud to display our Feefo gold trusted service award for 2019. Rated by our real customers, the award is testament to Red Rose Desire and our 5* care.
Thinking of having a cosmetic surgery or procedure? Book in for a complimentary consultation with our surgeon to discuss your surgery journey or request some further patient story information.  Click here to contact us.