Breast Uplift Surgery

We recently wrote an article about how breast reduction cannot only be life changing, but lifesaving too. This statement can often be more widely justified because having breasts too large for your frame can understandably cause medical and mental health problems alike.

But can we say the same for breast uplift surgery and breast enlargement surgery? These cosmetic procedures aren’t seen as medical necessities, but so they make a big difference and should they be?
Small, aging, saggy breasts do not tend to cause physical pain or discomfort, and for this reason the NHS wouldn’t ordinarily cover breast uplift or enlargement surgery. This would only be granted or considered by the NHS on very rare occasions such as;

Reconstructive purposes – their breast is missing, damaged or affected by an illness or injury such as breast cancer removal or mastectomy. Perhaps their breasts have been adversely affected from birth with a defect or tissue damage etc.

Psychological deterioration purposes – for the NHS to approve a breast uplift surgery, it needs to be very apparent that a person’s mental health is at severe risk and is being negatively affected by their breast situation. This could include those whose breasts differ significantly in size, or those who have lost large amounts of weight and their breasts are sagging immensely, due to the loss of fat and tissues in their breasts.

If it’s so hard to get a breast uplift surgery on the NHS, surely, it can’t be seen as life changing, or lifesaving if it’s not for the extreme medical reasons above?

From our experience in the breast uplift and augmentation surgery field, we would actually disagree.

Uplift Cosmetic Surgery

We see people from all walks of life, of all ages, all races, all background and situations. They come and see us for breast uplift consultations, daily. Every single person that we see has different reasons and motives for wanting to enhance their breasts through breast uplift surgery.

The reasons are never-ending, but some of the most common reasons are;

Different sized breasts

Most people’s boobs are different sizes, but this can vary from slight to significant. Just because the NHS doesn’t deem your size differentiation as substantial enough, doesn’t mean that it won’t cause you discomfort, embarrassment or feelings of self-consciousness. It can be super hard to get bras / bikinis that fit, and clothes can also often not fit correctly when there is a large difference in breast size too.

Aging or saggy breasts

Saggy breasts can happen for a number of reasons and it’s completely normal and common for women globally. It’s a natural process of aging when our collagen and oestrogen supplies begin to diminish, our skin loses its elasticity, and gravity starts to take hold of our once pert breasts. Sometimes, this process can begin sooner however, when a person goes through extreme or rapid weight loss / weight gain, has multiple pregnancies and therefore many hormonal changes, and even smoking can cause breasts to sag. When this happens early, or at all, it can be the cause of severe lack of body confidence, making women not want to wear bikinis or lingerie, and it can affect their sex lives due to confidence in the bedroom too.

Misshaped breasts

Just like breasts can come in different sizes, they can also be, or become, mis-shaped. One could sag more than another, or weight gain / loss could cause them to change shape too. Once again, this can cause a person to feel a lack of body and breast confidence.

Although the case for some, most people we see don’t come looking to get a breast uplift surgery simply for aesthetic reasons. Nearly all surgery clients we speak to are feeling in some way negative about their bodies and breasts, which in turn is affecting their minds.

If you don’t feel confident in certain clothes, in bikinis or lingerie, especially if you don’t feel confident in the bedroom, it can really affect the way we feel inside. How many times have you had a spot or gained a little weight and felt bad about yourself? We can surely all relate to that? Yet those things can come and go, and can also be worked on / controlled with exercise, cosmetics, health and diet etc.

Crescent Breast Uplift

When our bodies change for what we feel is for the worse, and it isn’t something we can naturally change or work on, it can have an adverse effect on our mental health. Feeling unlike ourselves, lacking in confidence and self-worth, not loving the skin that we’re in can really take its toll psychologically.

If we can gain this confidence back by improving and uplifting our breasts, by augmenting them to a shape and size we feel more comfortable and self-assured in, this can surely have a life changing effect?

If we felt so low when we didn’t feel ourselves, so out of character, if we didn’t want to have sex with our partners due to embarrassment, if we didn’t want to go on holiday because we weren’t confident enough to wear bikinis…could we not go as far as saying that if we had corrective surgery for, and to fix these reasons, it could not only be life changing, but lifesaving too?

Corrective breast surgery, breast uplifts, breast enlargements and even breast reduction can all help to make a person feel more like themselves, to be who they really are. We help 100’s of women, men and non-binary people change their lives every day by consulting and completing these surgeries.

If you are looking to change, or indeed save your life, please come and see us for a free breast uplift, breast enhancement surgery, and we can certainly help.