Red Rose Desire Cosmetic Surgery General Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions (terms) set out the basis on which you will be provided with treatment/services arranged by Red Rose Desire Cosmetic Surgery (RRDCS). Please ensure that you read them carefully and contact us if there is anything you would like explained further before you sign your post consultation consent form.

1. Our prices are published on our website, however, if you want to check the cost of any treatment or services, please contact us. We will always provide you with the cost of your care prior to treatment.

2. Breast Augmentation: you are responsible for the choice of implant manufacturer and several implants are chosen for you on the day of surgery which have been discussed and agreed between you and the surgeon, prior to surgery. It is at the surgeon’s discretion, on the day of surgery, which implant is used for your benefit.

3. Surgery may be undertaken on a day case basis or an overnight stay. This is discussed and arranged with the surgeon beforehand.

4. During surgery it may be necessary for the surgeon to perform whatever procedure he deems necessary for your benefit. Photographs may be taken as evidence of possible complications or medical abnormalities. These photographs will form part of your personal information held by RRDCS in line with the permission granted in your consent form.

5. What is included in the fixed price?

Your confirmation letter confirms the fixed price for the care you are to receive according to the procedure you have requested. The price includes:

a) The surgeon’s fees in relation to the procedure
b) Post-operative nursing care both in the treatment centre and post discharge
c) Hospital fees
d) MRSA test undertaken at the hospital/clinic
e) The cost of your implants, where applicable (unless you request there to be more than one brand of implant available for selection on the day of surgery, when there is an additional charge of £20 per extra brand available to choose from).
f) Drugs and dressings required to complete your surgery
g) Up to six post-operative consultations with the surgeon. Further meetings may incur additional charges (made by the hospital/clinic) of which you will be advised before such meetings are arranged

6. What is not included in the fixed price?

a) The cost of any support garment which may be required. It is your responsibility to purchase this and bring it along to theatre on your surgery day
b) Occasionally, during the course of the operation, the surgeon may deem it necessary to undertake a lymph node biopsy. The fee for this test is not included in your price
c) Any other tests or treatments including, but not exclusively, blood tests, ECG, wound swabs, private scans and private prescriptions as advised or recommended by the surgeon are not included in your price
d) MRSA test undertaken by post incurs a postage/handling fee which will be advised to you upon request.
e) The cost of any transport to and/or from surgery arranged by RRDCS at your request.
f) The cost of any revision procedure where the surgeon decides the results of your original procedure fall within the acceptable normal limits of surgery.
g) If you fail to keep a post-operative appointment without notice a charge may be made for a re-arranged appointment. This charge will be refunded when the resultant appointment is kept.
h) If you fail to attend your initial consultation, without giving 48 hours’ notice of non- attendance, we reserve the right to charge a £50 cancellation fee. Your debit/credit card details will be taken, for this purpose, when the appointment is made. No fee will be taken if the appointment is kept, as arranged.
i) Depending on your medical history, we may ask you to obtain a letter from your G.P. giving their consent to go ahead with cosmetic surgery. There is usually a fee payable for this service, for which you are responsible.

7. Payment

A £750 deposit is required at the time of booking your surgery. The remaining balance needs to be fully settled not later than three calendar weeks before the surgery date, this includes any contribution due by you where you have taken advantage of one our finance options. The balance of any amount being funded by the appropriate finance company will be settled by them post-surgery. Please refer to the finance companies own terms and conditions for details of settlement.

Payment for any of the additional items referred to in section 6b and 6c is due two calendar weeks from the date of surgery.

8. What happens if I decide not to go ahead?

If you decide not to go ahead with your procedure you will need to pay for the care you have received up until the point of cancellation. If RRDCS is notified three working weeks or more before your surgery date, then 75% of the full fixed price will be returned. Additionally, if notice is received more than one calendar month before your surgery date then 50% of your deposit will be returned if you have only paid a deposit).

9. What happens if RRDCS cancel my surgery?

RRDCS may need to cancel your surgery due to clinical reasons. Where this is necessary it will be a decision of your consultant, or part of the clinical team associated with your care, on grounds of your clinical safety or in the interest of your health and wellbeing. In such instances RRDCS will refund 75% of the fixed price paid or 50% of any deposit paid, minus any third-party costs charged to RRDCS (for example hospital fees and pre-operative test fees). If surgery goes ahead at a later date additional fees for pre-operative tests may apply. If your surgery is cancelled because we have not received the letter from your G.P. (see condition 6i) confirming your fitness for surgery at least fourteen days before your surgery date you may lose the whole of your £750 deposit.

Sometimes it may be necessary to cancel your surgery for non-clinical reasons. We will provide you with a reason why the cancellation is necessary. Where this is the case we will give you as much notice as possible. We will rearrange your surgery as soon as possible and agree on a date with you. Where we rearrange your surgery within a reasonable period RRDCS will not refund any sums paid by you. RRDCS will not be liable for loss or consequential loss as a result of unavoidable cancellations.

10. What happens if I suffer complications?

Your first point of contact after your surgery is your named nurse, whose contact details are provided in your confirmation letter.

While the consultants and the hospital do their best to ensure a satisfactory outcome, no clinical procedure is entirely risk free and the results of any surgery cannot be guaranteed with complete certainty. There are no guarantees stated or implied as to the results of the operation(s), and there is no such concept as perfection, which is subjective.

Your fixed price includes the cost of treating any clinical complications identified by your consultant arising directly out of the treatment you received as part of your treatment package, provided you have followed the advice of your consultants and any other medical professionals hired by us involved in your care. This includes keeping all follow up appointments as arranged. Where we are unable to treat your clinical complications, you agree that appropriate follow up care may be provided by your GP or the NHS.

You may feel an adjustment to the operation is necessary at a later date to achieve an optimum result. You will be responsible for any fees due should you require an adjustment and it be a case of there not being any fault attached to the procedure so far as the surgeon or the clinic are concerned and the surgeon deems the outcome to fall within the acceptable normal limits of surgery (see our Consent Form re subjectivity of the outcome). An adjustment procedure will only take place where you and the surgeon are in agreement. Any decision about revision surgery will only be made after a suitable period of time, at the consultant’s discretion subject to a minimum period of 6 months from the original surgery, unless there is a medical emergency.
Where a revision procedure is required/agreed, any variance to the procedure actually required, for example a change in implant size, will be charged. RRDCS do not cover loss of earnings or any other out of pocket expenses of you or any chaperone. You may also be responsible for the cost of an overnight stay in hospital, should one be required.
Where an agreement cannot be reached the view of an independent surgeon may be sought at the operating surgeon’s discretion. At all consultations to discuss adjustment surgery, which take place between the surgeon and you, a chaperone/note taker will be present.
If you have revision surgery with another surgeon without our prior consent and agreement then this will invalidate these terms and conditions.

Capsular contracture: this is a breast augmentation complication which develops when internal scar tissue forms a tight or constricting capsule around a breast implant, contracting it until it becomes misshapen and hard. If at anytime in the future this occurs, please contact us. The cost of replacement implants depends on the individual manufacturer’s warranty. Any remedial surgery is not included in our fixed price. The cost of surgery will be discussed and agreed on an individual basis according to the circumstances.
Rupture of implant: as with capsule contracture the cost of replacement implants depends on the individual manufacturer’s warranty. Any remedial surgery is not included in our fixed price. The cost of surgery will be discussed and agreed on an individual basis according to the circumstances. If you have the implants removed by another cosmetic surgery provider RRDCS will not be responsible for any implant related costs. You will be referred back to the implant manufacturer to take advantage of their warranty/guarantee.

11. Other terms and conditions
a. RRDCS is a facilitator and none of the surgeons, consultants and any other medical professionals are employed by us but are independent self-employed practitioners or employees of the relevant hospital/clinic. RRDCS will not be liable for any act or omission of a consultant. The consultant will be responsible for the care they provide you. We always ensure our consultants hold the relevant indemnity cover. You will be under the care of the consultant you have been referred to, who may also involve other consultants in your care, if appropriate. Nursing and other medical staff will provide your care under your consultant’s instructions.
b. You agree to follow advice provided by all the medical professionals and representatives from RRDCS involved in your care. If you fail to attend two consecutive post-operative meetings RRDCS are no longer obliged to offer further appointments. It may sometimes be necessary to arrange a post-operative consultation at an alternative clinic within reasonable travelling distance. RRDCS will not cover the cost of any additional travel expenditure.
Occasionally you may be recommended or instructed to seek guidance/treatment from your GP or other NHS services. This may be before surgery or after it. Advice may include waiting appropriate timescales post-surgery to allow for wounds, scarring and any inflammation to settle down. Failure to follow the advice given may invalidate these terms and conditions.
c. RRDCS will be responsible for disbursing all fees payable in connection with your treatment. For example, surgeons, consultants and suppliers as referred to in “What is included in the fixed price?”.

12. Your contract with RRDCS: By signing the Post Consultation Consent Form (PCCF) you agree to be bound by these terms. If there is any conflict between these terms and the PCCF or confirmation letter, these terms will take precedence. RRDCS may update these terms from time to time, however, any changes will only apply to any new episode of care or new surgery which you receive. You agree to be bound by the terms in force at the time you complete the PCCF.

13. Changes in applicable law: you acknowledge and accept that Applicable Law may change and prevent RRDCS from providing certain care. If RRDCS becomes aware that such a change has occurred, and the change has an effect on your surgery, we will contact you to inform you of this and its consequences.

14. Assignment: RRDCS may transfer and assign your contract to any person who acquires all or substantially all of the assets or business of RRDCS.

15. Third party rights: Except for you or RRDCS, no person, company or organisation will have any rights under or in connection with these terms. You agree to indemnify RRDCS against any claims brought by a third party in connection with your care.

16. Law and the courts: These terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction.

17. Complaints: please refer to our separate Complaints Policy which is on our website at

18. Definitions:
“Applicable Law” means any and all laws, regulations, guidelines and professional obligations applicable to the provision of care or the performance of services for you, including the requirements as regards treatment, procurement, research and storage of reproductive material.
“Care” means care, treatment, diagnosis, services (including sundry items) and goods provided by us
“Confirmation letter” means the letter we send to you regarding your proposed surgery.
“Consultants” means all consultants, surgeons and anaesthetists involved in your care. The words surgeon and consultant are interchangeable.
“Contract” means these terms, along with the Post Consultation Consent form and your confirmation letter from us.
“Fixed price” means how much you will pay as set out in your confirmation letter.
“Terms” means these terms and conditions

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