There are a number of motivating factors that drive people to undergo surgery. In some cases surgery is essential (to remove an area effected by skin cancer or other complaint) , in other cases it can prove just as necessary for those unhappy and suffering with their physical appearance. This can be a difficult feeling, cause real anxiety and even shake ones self-confidence.

There is also a number of patients who are perfectly happy with their appearance and have good health and good self-esteem. These patients are simply looking to enhance or re-shape an area that perhaps nature hasn’t given them, or shift something that has been left following another surgery, pregnancy or weight loss.

Whatever the motivation or reason to choose surgery, ensure your focus is on you and your body.

1000 cosmetic procedures carried out

The team at Red Rose Desire has seen over 1000 patients and helped them through their surgery transformation. We believe that successful surgery results start with great surgeons, great communication and a great team of aftercare nurses to see you though.

It is crucial for you to feel confident and comfortable with your chosen surgeon and this is why we always ask that you come along for a one to one consultation to discuss openly your desires, your expectations and your goals. Your surgeon will take on board your feelings and work with you, your anatomy, and your objectives to form a surgery plan that is as unique as you are. The team are also on hand to answer any questions you might have, before, during or after the consultation.

There is no limit to the amount of consultations you can have, some patients are happy after just one, and others come back again, for a second, or third visit.


The one thing they all agree on; every patient journey is different, but we are with you every step of the way.
Join many happy patients as we celebrate over 1000 cosmetic surgery procedures carried out with Red Rose Desire. Take a look at our reviews and feedback, happy patients and life changing results.