Sometimes we wish time would move faster, especially in periods like now when we look to a virus free life where we can hug our relatives again. Ordinarily, I think most of us would wish for time to move slower, especially when we think of our bodies! With time and age, comes some unexpected and often undesirable changes. For ladies and our breasts for instance, we may have had children, lost significant weight, or simply gravity has taken hold. Here at Red Rose Desire, the Breast Uplift (Mastpexy) is performed regularly by our very skilled surgeons, on women who would like to uplift and transform their sagging breasts into more youthful and perky bust.

Breast Uplift Surgery

What is a breast uplift?

The breast uplift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and reshapes sagging, deflated breasts to give them a natural, perky appearance, without having to change their size. This differs from procedures we provide such as breast reduction, where we decrease the size of the breasts by removing excess skin, tissue and fat, or breast enlargement where we increase the size of the breasts by either inserting silicone cohesive gel implants, or by using fat deposits from other areas of the body.

Breast uplift surgery can be performed with the additional use of breast implants, depending on what result you are looking for. If you do not have the volume to do the procedure without implants, or if you simply desire more volume and bigger breasts, then you might decide you want the implants in addition to the uplift. Our surgeons will focus all aspects of the breast uplift procedure and the options open to you, specifically on your individual needs and desires.

What is the procedure?

Typically, a breast uplift procedure here at Red Rose will involve our skilled surgeons making several incisions to remove any unwanted, loose skin from the breast tissue and then repositioning the nipple so the breasts sit higher on the chest. You will be under general anesthetic for roughly 1.5-3 hours.

Recovery time varies depending on the patient and can be anywhere between 4-6 weeks or longer. We pride in providing you with the best post-op aftercare that we possibly can telling you what to expect, what steps to take, providing any required medication as well as an on-call nurse to help you through recovery and any issues you may encounter.

Who are breast uplifts for?

 If you are happy and healthy but feeling a lack of confidence and body positivity due to the stretched skin of your sagging breasts, then you might be the right candidate for a breast uplift. Whether it is pregnancy, nursing, weight loss or simply time and gravity that has taken its toll on your breasts, this surgery could help elevate and reshape your breasts and the way you see and feel with them.

Want to go ahead with a breast uplift?

Why not come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our specialised breast surgeons to discuss everything from the process and procedure to your expectations and desires, answer any questions you may have and find out if you are the right candidate for the breast uplift procedure here at Red Rose Desire.