When thinking of having any kind of surgery, from breast uplifts or augmentation, a tummy tuck or liposuction, to rhinoplasty or labiaplasty; we get asked a varied and wide range of questions in our initial, complementary consultations.

When speaking to our surgeons, although it differs from patient to patient, the same, common questions are nearly always asked;

  • “Will the surgery hurt or be painful”
  • “How much will I scar from the surgery?”
  • “How large are the incision marks from the surgery”
  • “What shape or size can be achieved with this surgery”
  • “How long does the surgery take?”
  • “What are the risks of the surgery?”
  • “How long will my surgery last?

Whilst these are all vital and important questions to be asking, it seems it’s more uncommon for eager, prospective patients to ask or wonder about what happens after the surgery. Many will get caught up in the nervous excitement of fulfilling their ambitions to enhance their body, and often forget to ask about, or perhaps don’t think too much about, the post-op protocols, procedures and most importantly, the aftercare.

Aftercare at Red Rose Desire

Most of us will have heard about, or know someone that has gone for “Turkey teeth” haven’t we? Those who get a package holiday to Turkey, have fun in the sun, and return with bright white, perfectly straight teeth. Having any type of surgery abroad is known as ‘medical tourism’, an industry that is not only common but very much on the rise. It’s thought that surgery prices are cheaper, and with the added bonus of a holiday to go with it, clearly sways many into thinking it’s somewhat of a no brainer.  However, just as people forget to ask about aftercare in their consultations, they also forget to factor surgery aftercare into the decision to have their surgeries out of the UK.


Is aftercare really that important though?

We think one of the most important parts of getting the surgery you desire is down to highly skilled and trained surgeons, of course, but also how you treat and care for your body after the surgery.

A holiday and a surgery might sound like an ideal duo but cost-wise, if you factor all the extras like flights, transfers, hotels, food, special medical insurance etc. it can often end up costing you more than having it at home. More importantly, many have the idea that post-surgery they can relax around a pool, or by a beach, catching some sunshine whilst drinking a cocktail or two.

The reality?

Unfortunately the above scenario, albeit very wonderful sounding, is but a pipe dream when placing it after a surgery. Sun and healing / scarring do not match. It’s actually advised to avoid the sun completely, for at least 1 or 2 weeks, as the sun’s rays can cause irreversible damage and discolouration to the surgery scars (which nobody wants after investing in a life changing surgery.

Even if you can manage to avoid the sunshine, post-surgery, you’re going to want and need to rest and recuperate. Whatever surgery you have, big or small, your body has gone through trauma and change, and it needs time to settle back into itself, for weeks, or even months. Yes, you can stay in a hotel and do your healing time there, but many prefer their home comforts; their own bed, own sofa, preparing their own house and making things easy to reach, their own food, and importantly, their friends and family around to help them. Plus, once you have to leave to go home from your holiday, you’re going to be faced with busy transfers, airports, planes, sitting for extended periods in discomfort, which in turn could also pose as a risk of infection.

What kind of cosmetic aftercare is needed and is it really that important?

Expert aftercare after surgery is absolutely crucial, and for this reason we would always advise against surgeries abroad as, even if you have the very best surgeon in the world doing your surgery, you aren’t then able to go back and see them for important check-ups or advice. You’re going to need follow up appointments which allow the surgeons to check all is going ok, to remove stitches, as well as answering any questions or worries that you may have.  Also, if something goes wrong, which is rare but could happen, you’re not going to want / or perhaps be able to jump on a plane every time you need to see your surgeon. In our opinion, this post-op support should be available at all times, for a lifetime after your surgery.

For us, not only do we offer free consultations pre-op, we also offer a lifetime aftercare programme, included, as standard.

This means that whenever you have even the smallest of queries or worries, you can call us for professional advice, any time; days, months, or even years after your surgery. If there are any issues with the surgery itself, the surgeons will always be there to speak or see you too.

We believe that when it comes to your body and health, is the cheapest option always the best? Is there a price on your body, or health?

For more information about the surgeries we offer, where in the UK we offer them or the surgeons that work with us, head to our website or call us on 0330 124 4780.