Did you know that women around the world, from all cultures, nations and backgrounds, have been interested in breast enhancements for centuries, with the first one being attempted in the late 1800’s? It was of course a rocky start as surgeons, or the people performing any sort of breast enlargement didn’t have the science, the education, the products or the facilities that we have today. Even so, women were eager and willing to try anything for a more pert looking breast. From injecting paraffin that eventually went hard and lumpy to injecting extracted tissue from the stomach and buttocks, which eventually just absorbed into the body, it’s said that things such as animal cartilage and even wool were tried to enhance breasts. Unfortunately, most of these attempts failed, and many were fatal.

Breast Implant Surgery

This didn’t steer women away from the yearning for bigger, rounder, more shapely breasts though. The first silicone breast implant surgery was said to be performed in the 1961, closely followed by the first breast augmentation in 1962, with saline implants then being introduced in the mid 60’s in France. This obviously opened up a whole new era of safer cosmetic surgery, albeit not as common as it was today. It seems women were perhaps not as forthcoming with admitting surgery either. It’s still to this very day widely debated that Marilyn Monroe had breast enhancement surgery, something she always denied, yet many professionals have countered.

Seven decades on from that first silicone implant, millions of breast surgeries have been safely performed. We have come a very long way from those many initial dangerous and failed attempts to enlarge breasts in the late 1800’s. Hundreds of thousands of women, men and non-binary people enquire about breast surgery daily. Nowadays it isn’t just to enlarge either. You can add, downsize and reduce, reshape and augment all kind of breasts, you can even create breasts where there once were none.

As one of our most popular surgeries, we get 10’s – 100’s of enquiries and questions around breast surgery, weekly. Whether it’s for medical reasons, for transitioning reasons, or simply to help with low self-esteem and confidence, there really isn’t a one surgery fits all. Due to each and every individual having different reasons, different shapes, different sizes, different needs, it’s imperative that you get to speak to a surgeon, the one that would be performing your breast surgery, so they can expertly, medically assist and advise with your choice. You may want a breast enlargement, but the surgeon may actually suggest a breast uplift for instance, or perhaps you would like a breast enlargement, but when you meet the surgeon, it may be the case that your frame is too small for your desired size.

This is why, as standard, we offer completely free consultations with our surgeons. This is so you have the opportunity to meet the person who will be doing it, but also to gain invaluable advice from these highly skilled medical professionals.  It gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions you need to make an informed decision about breast surgery.

Below are the most common questions that people like to ask at their breast surgery consultations, so if you are booked in for one soon, or are planning on booking in, make a note of this page as reference;

  • What type of breast surgery or procedure is right for me?
  • Is breast enhancement safe? What are the risks?
  • How do I prepare for my breast surgery?
  • What kind of implants will you use for my breast enlargement?
  • How long does it take to perform / recover from breast surgery?
  • How long will my new breasts last?
  • Can I still breastfeed safely with a breast enhancement?
  • Will I lose sensation in my breasts or nipples?
  • Do implants affect mammograms / detecting breast cancer?
  • Are breast enlargements painful?
  • Are you (the surgeon) fully qualified and accredited?
  • What does your aftercare include?

It is only natural at this initial stage for women to feel nervous, even anxious about the process, the surgery itself, the aftercare and more. Many will have a hundred and one more questions than the above, and that’s totally fine. We want you to feel at ease, in good hands, and safe in the knowledge that this is completely normal and very common when choosing to have breast surgery.

Our patients

The main initial enquiry is mainly to do with price, as people understandably want to know if they can afford it before taking the next step to a consultation, even if it is free of any charges.

Here at Red Rose Desire, we want our pricing structure to not only be easy, but transparent too. Even though there is no one size fits all breast surgery, we offer a set one-time payment of £5200.00. This price is the final price too, no extras, no ad-ons, no hidden charges before or afterwards. The price is fixed and includes all of your appointments, pre-checks, the procedure itself (regardless of the size of your implant) full aftercare and post-surgery checks.

Our aftercare is also not just for the post-surgery checks either, like many others. We offer an incredible aftercare package, which is valid for life. Allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that at absolutely any time after your breast surgery, days, months, even years later, you can always get in touch with us.

If you feel ready, and maybe even a little excited to get your breast surgery journey started, you can book your free consultation with one of our surgeons now. Contact us via telephone, by email, or through our website.