Patient Journey – how long will I wait for surgery?

A superior end-to-end journey at Red Rose Desire.

Cosmetic Surgery Birmingham

Initial Enquiry

There are a number of ways to contact us.  Our team can discuss the next consultation dates over the phone, or via email – simply contact us on telephone number; 03301244780, or email – we’re always happy to help.

Our team will take time during a new patient phone call to get to know you, to learn more about your expectations, that way they can understand the best suited surgeon for you. It is then that an appointment which is always complimentary, is made to meet the surgeon, at a mutually convenient time.

During your first consultation, the surgeon will be thorough, it is at this first meeting that the surgeon aims to arm you with all of the information you need to make the right decision for you. You will meet and discuss your hopes with both your specialist surgeon and our treatment team, who can discuss payment options and convenient booking dates etc.  We will also ask you to complete a medical history document and we will take your personal information and photograph to ensure we have everything we need.

Your surgeon is on hand to show you before and after images of similar surgeries and is able to answer any questions you might have about shape/size/aftercare.

We always recomment a second consultation for patients who might have further questions or need more time to consider their options. This can be booked in at any time.

Pre-Operation Assessment

Once you have agreed your surgery date and paid your booking doposit, a medical is booked in to ensure you are a suitable candidate and fit and healthy for surgery.

Booking Surgery

Our team of surgeons are operating most days and so you can expect to wait no more than 2- 3 weeks for your procedure to take place.
We do however as you for a 14 day cooling off period, which will allow you to make necessary arranegments and be certain you are making the right choices.

Our team will work with you to book a surgery date that is most convenient for you, and can of course we try to, wehere possible, work around work, holidays and childcare.  As is the nature of surgery, there might be occasions where this is a short delay, depending on where the surgeon is on the day of booking and how many other patients are booked in. We want to make sure we communicate with you throughout your journey and our team will be on hand any time of day, to make sure you have all the information you need.

Red Rose Desire recommends you book a complimentary consultation so that you can spend time getting to know the specialist surgeons, understanding their experience and technique and also talking through size, shape, aftercare and finally, how you can afford to pay for your breast surgery, your tummy surgery or your facial surgery.

If you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact us on telephone number; 03301244780, or email – we’re always happy to help.