We are all stuck inside, many of us isolating, and with the dark winter dawning upon us, it all seems like doom and gloom out there.

Facing and working through these challenging times are not easy, and more so now that we are losing daylight, sunshine, and clear skies, which once during the summer months welcomed us to kick start our mornings. With the weather changing it is not as easy to sneak in a quick run or walk, whilst our days grow darker with less light, so does our enthusiasm, but we can stay active and productive, positive, and strong, we just need to look for other ways to keep feeling motivated and reaching those fitness goals, even in the dark, or indoors.

Post summer exercise

It does not have to mean that exercise is out the window completely, there are many things you can do to stay consistent in your fitness and well-being. Consider taking up a new sport, or switching it up indoors; try indoor cycling, great team or goal apps are available for download to keep you moving and to monitor distance covered targets to make it real and worthwhile.

Have you tried online yoga or Pilates? Incredible paired with deep breathing and great for full body strength and toning. Be sure to have a quiet place, and couple it with a moment to recollect your thoughts and deep relaxation.

Following inspired YouTube channels are up there this year; there has never been so many! and of all different levels, something for everyone.

Or simply put together a good strong home workout routine, one that works for you, including sit ups, press ups, squats, or jumps. You can even use basic home items to help you. Use a folding chair as a bench for tricep dips or fill a backpack for added weight, or tins or heavy objects as kettlebells. Skipping is an incredible way to keep fit, and inexpensive. While it is tempting to invest in equipment, it is not always necessary, and many items around the home can help.

It’s also just as important to not be complacent with your diet. It is very easy, whilst being at home to skip meals, avoid making the effort you would normally if you were going to work or university and we are guilty of ordering a lot more takeaways! Snacking and skipping meals will cause you to eat many more calories and so take the time to prep to plan the night before, as you would normally, so you are not tempted by the biscuit barrel!

As well as keeping fit and healthy, we also must understand the importance of down time, relaxation and taking a break. Some great ways to enjoy rest and relaxation are; reading a book or magazine, following a meditation or stretch class, getting into a good series or an uplifting podcast, or better still having an early night! It is crucial to find the balance between exercise, and health and rest.

Although these times are tough, there are so many available ways to steer your routine in the correct direction, so you feel you have achieving something with each day. Write a to-do list the night before, take some vitamins, try out a new workout regime and if possible, treat yourself to a yoga mat or resistance band to make yourself feel more motivated. Better times are coming!