Meet Lorna

I had been considering a BA for over 10 years but never fully committed to the idea. I’d never had surgery so I was scared and the cost came into it too. I finally decided I would do it and treat myself for my 30th birthday. I was fed up of push up bras, extra padded bras, chicken fillets – it was all such a hassle. I’d never felt that I was in proportion with the rest of my body, my boobs were always too small for my frame. Most people would comment and say I was in proportion but they didn’t know what was underneath.’

I choose BA under the muscle and have a 560cc on my left and 520cc on my right. My recovery was great, I was first down for surgery and home in the afternoon. The pain killers really help but the best advice I have is rest and do not rush recovery. My pain was minimal, if anything I would say a trip to the dentist is worse.

I am so glad I chose Red Rose Desire, all the staff throughout from start to finish have been wonderful. I cannot thank you all enough for your care and support, it is a tough choice to make and you guys helped me through each step! 12 months on and I’m loving my new shape and confidence my boobs have given me. It’s so strange that at times I feel like I’ve always had them. For anyone even considering a BA, go for a consultation, speak to a surgeon, read the reviews – that’s what I did and I’m so pleased with my results. Thanks again Mr Prasad!