Meet Kaisha


Kaisha had Breast Augmentation surgery with Mr Prasad

Implants chosen: 450 CC over the muscle

So tell us, how long have you considered a breast augmentation for?

I am now 23, but was 21 at the time of my surgery. This may seem a young age to decide on cosmetic surgery, but from a young age I was always insecure about my body image and suffered from very low confidence. I have always been a slim girl and also quite tall, in my opinion I always felt like I had a very ‘boyish’ figure- prior to surgery I literally had nothing to even fill an A cup.

After several consultations with Mr Prasad, in April 2017 we decided to go with either 450 CC over the muscle.

After hearing daunting stories about how awful recovery can be, I was nervous about the recovery journey but honestly everything was plain sailing for me. It also eased my mind that if I did have any queries/ questions etc I could always contact Georgia (my patient co ordinator) or I was also given a mobile contact number for a nurse I could contact at any time. Within a few days I started to feel back to normal and also received flowers from the surgery which was a lovely gesture.

Two years on from the op it was honestly the best thing I have ever done. I have since had a baby and even through pregnancy my boobs have stayed perfect, which I was also worried about!

I am so much more body confident now and love how I can wear new clothing that I would never of even tried before. I am so grateful for the constant help and support from red rose no matter if it was a stupid question or anything they was always there. These days with the hype of cosmetic surgery most places are just interested in taking your money and getting you in and out like cattle but this just isn’t the case here. Even now two years on I am in contact with the surgery which also says a lot!! Best decision ever

The Choice Of Breast Implant Size Is Yours

This is your breast surgery journey, with a perfect fit for you.