Meet Holly


Holly had Breast Augmentation surgery with Mr Krishnan.

Implants chosen: Mentor, round, high profile. Right breast: 600cc. Left breast: 650cс

So tell us, how long have you considered a breast augmentation for?

Probably realistically since I was about 14, even more so since I was 17 ish.

Did you know approximately what size you wanted to go?

I know I wanted to go big. I always wanted large breasts.

What bra size were you before surgery and what bra size are you now?

I always wore a 36dd super padded push up bra. I got measured before my surgery at 38c, I now wear a 38f which dont gape!

How does your size fit into your lifestyle?

A lot of my tops no longer fit me but I expected that 😂, lifestyle wise they haven’t changed anything I have done or do, apart from sleeping on my side which is a bit hard sometimes because of the size!

Are you still able to carry out your normal job/sports etc?

Yes all as normal.

What is your biggest advice for anyone considering a larger size?

If you really want to go big then do it! I have absolutely zero regrets and I knew I wanted big from the start! Always go for the bigger size your surgeon offers too if you want to go big!

What was more important to you? Size or shape?

Mostly shape. Mine were never round, and now they are! I did also want them huge.

How did the surgeon discuss your shape/size and how did you go about deciding?

The surgeon knew exactly what I wanted. He let me try sizers on and when I knew they were too small and added more he gave his opinion which was what I wanted to hear!

What look and feel did you imagine and then get?

I had no idea how they’d feel I had only ever felt the implant outside someone’s body, I didn’t expect them to be so squishy and soft inside me as the opinion of fake boobs has always been hard and not natural! And mine feel natural but don’t look too fake which is the look I wanted!

The Choice Of Breast Implant Size Is Yours

This is your breast surgery journey, with a perfect fit for you.