Meet Jasmin


Jasmin had Breast Augmentation surgery with Mr Absar

Implants chosen: Mentor Cohesive Gel 325cc implants over the muscle 

A little bit about you (where you’re from, what you do etc) and your decision – ‘your why’ for surgery? 

I’m Jasmin and I’m 20 years old. I live in Longton and I’m currently studying nursing at the University of Central Lancashire.
I’ve wanted a breast augmentation for about 3 years as I’ve never been happy with the size and shape of my breasts. In October 2020, I finally booked my first consultation with Dr. Absar in Bolton. Following the consultation 4 weeks later, Dr. Absar explained all the different implants to me and we spoke about the implant going under or over the muscle. He also gave me a few different implants to try under a supportive bra. Once I was comfortable with the size, I was happy to book my surgery but Dr. Absar told me to have a think about it for a few weeks and book another consultation to see him. I was under no pressure at all and felt so comfortable with it. After my first consultation, I knew straight away that I wanted to go ahead with the surgery.

The procedure you had? How your recovery was?

After my second consultation, i finalised my implant size and went for the Mentor Cohesive Gel 325cc implants over the muscle and I booked my surgery date for 23rd January. Fast forward to the day of my surgery and I couldn’t have been any more nervous but so excited at the same time. The nurses at Pall Mall Medical made me feel so comfortable and put my worries at ease. When I woke up from surgery, I instantly fell in love with my new additions! I was expecting to be in a huge amount of pain mainly because I have such a low pain threshold 🙈 but I was totally pain-free until around a day later when it felt like I had done 1000 press ups!! I was never in pain, it just felt uncomfortable mainly in the evenings.

How you feel now and what your surgery has meant to you now post op? 

I had an amazing nurse, Elaine who I could contact any time of the day if I had any concerns or questions. She was so supportive and I cannot thank her enough. After 7/10 days I started to feel more normal and I could lift my arms up to wash my hair and put T-shirts on etc. I had quite a lot of bruising so I started to take arnica tablets which really helped. 3-4 weeks post op and I felt like my normal self! I wasn’t expecting the recovery to be as smooth and as pain free as it was! Now 7 weeks later and I feel like they’ve been there forever 🥰 I am totally obsessed with them and the confidence they’ve given me is unbelievable! I’ve never felt so happy with my body. I can’t wait to wear nice dresses and bikini’s in summer! I cannot thank Redrose Desire enough. From my first consultation to now 7 weeks post op, they have been incredible every step of the way. I highly recommend them to anyone considering a breast augmentation 🤍

The Choice Of Breast Implant Size Is Yours

This is your breast surgery journey, with a perfect fit for you.