Now Offering Breast Surgery using The Keller Funnel.

Experience the evolution of implant delivery with Red Rose Desire’s surgeon Mr Aftab Siddiqui. 

The Keller Funnel is designed with the patient and the surgeon in mind, as a delivery tool to insert the implant more accurately without touching it, or cross contamination. Just as you have a choice in the type of implant you prefer for your procedure, we now bring you a new revolutionary way for your surgeon to insert your implant, a device that gently slips an implant into place.

Keller Funnel

Our breast surgeon Mr Siddiqui is using this technique to well place your implant and without ever touching you or the implant.  It provides the following benefits;

1. Much decreased chance of contamination (no touch) more sterile procedure
2. Decreased risk of capsular contracture
3. Smaller incision, more accurate placement
4. Less trauma to the implant

We invite you learn more about the Keller Funnel gel delivery device.  Our breast augmentation patients can now opt to have their implants inserted using the revolutionary Keller Funnel.  Speak to your surgeon now.