Breast Augmentation / Enlargement with Fat Transfer

Contour, shape and add softness.

How does this work?

Essentially removing fat cells from other parts of the body (hips/thighs/tummy/bottom) and transferring them to your chest to enhance and enlarge your breasts. A solution specifically for patients looking for a more natural enhancement, but who also have fat deposits in other regions of their body to remove.

Using Liposuction, fat is removed from areas of the body and transferred to the breast tissue to restore, shape and enlarge. This procedure can offer natural and long-lasting results.

Is it suitable for me?

This procedure is not suitable for all, as patients will need to have the right fat reserve needed to remove and replace. It is best for patients who are looking to increase fullness or plump their current breast size or those who are looking to increase by one bra cup size, rather than a larger breast result.

Please note that this procedure can be an alternative to breast implants and is considered a less invasive surgery, which is suitable for patients looking for smaller, more subtle changes to their breast size, and for patients who present enough fat to transfer from one part to another.

This procedure can also be combined with breast implants for breast augmentation, where slightly smaller implants than desired volume are selected and remaining volume is achieved via fat transfer.

Results are natural and without large surgical scars, although it is important to note that each patient needs to have the right body shape and size to accommodate the transfer.

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Breast Enlargement with Fat Transfer: from £4650


Full aftercare plan with surgeon and personal nurse
On-call nurse (24hrs)

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before & after

These photographs represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes cosmetic surgery will achieve the same results.

We always advise you to come along for a complimentary consultation, that way your surgeon can help you decide whether it is an option, and if you would make a suitable candidate. Doctors assess each case on an individual basis, and results are not guaranteed and will be different from person to person..

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really need an uplift?
We tailor your surgery to you, and so we always advise you to come along and meet with the surgeon, discuss your expectations and allow him to find the best possible procedure for you.
If you have larger breasts that have lost their shape, or you have loose skin, or have breastfed, it is more than likely you will benefit from an uplift.  Your surgeon is always on hand to talk you through the best options.

Q: Does an uplift mean implants?
We perform uplifts with and without implants, and this depends on you and your desired shape and size.  Naturally if you are looking for more volume and a bigger size, implants with your uplift will help you achieve this – if you have volume, an uplift alone can provide you the perfect lift and shape.

Q: What is recovery time?
Every patient is different and you can be sure that your nurse is on hand to help you through your recovery, for as long as it takes.  We advise an underwire-free soft bra for the best support for at least 4- 6 weeks post op, and we also advise that you avoid heavy lifting or exercise for the same time.