Searches for all types of cosmetic surgery abroad are on the rise, and millions of people travel thousands of miles each year to get plastic surgery procedures in a country other than their own. From liposuction in Lithuania and tummy tucks in Turkey to breast reductions in Poland and face-lifts in Thailand. Medical tourism has become a huge industry, with companies now offering holiday type packages that include everything from flights, accommodation and the surgery itself.

So why is surgery in Europe and abroad becoming popular, what’s the hype, is it worth it and most importantly, is cosmetic surgery abroad safe?

Abroad For Surgery

Why go abroad for plastic surgery?


Most people will initially look into surgery in Europe, or even further afield, for one main reason. Cost. It is said that it’s cheaper to get surgery abroad, and although that may be true when comparing the surgeries themselves, you have to work out the extra costs involved in getting the surgery overseas. From airport transfers, airport parking, flights, accommodation, food and drink, special medical travel insurance and more, whether you opt for a cosmetic surgery holiday package or not, it can end up costing you way more in the long run.

It isn’t just monetary cost, but the cost of your health too.

When it comes to your body and health, is the cheapest option the best? Is there a price on your body, or health?

For a holiday and surgery combined

Whilst these offers of sun, sangria and surgery may sound tempting, it’s good to be well informed of surgery abroad, and to research it thoroughly so you know what you are in for. Whilst you may have a nice holiday when you arrive, it’s important to know that after surgery, you can’t go back to lying around the pool with a cocktail, unfortunately! It’s not recommended to be in the sun following a surgical procedure, more so you should rest, recover and avoid much physical movement. It’s also highly advised to not drink alcohol so you’ll more than likely spend the rest of your holiday in the hotel room. You can’t fly home straight away to avoid this either as not waiting at least 6/7 days can put you at risk of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms and infection. Eeek!

What are the risks of having surgery abroad?

All cosmetic surgery comes with risks, wherever in the world you have it. It’s about choosing a surgeon and cosmetic surgery company that’s experienced, safe, accredited and professional.

What if things go wrong with surgery abroad?

This is one of the biggest issues when having surgery abroad. If anything does go wrong and you aren’t near home or english speaking healthcare professionals, you could be in trouble. You may have to stay out there longer to rectify any issues which will mean extra costs for extending hotels and flight changes. You also need to ensure that you have sufficient specialist cosmetic surgery insurance, as you wouldn’t want to be left to cover the huge hospital bills yourself, should something go wrong.

You don’t know or can’t meet your surgeon first

We think it’s important to know who your surgeon is, and to know that you are in the safest hands when going under the knife. Our surgeons are all extremely high-skilled, registered and fully respected and accredited in their field. Can you be sure that the surgeon is legit before you book your surgery abroad?

Cleanliness standards and risks of infection

Many hospitals and surgeries across the world have high healthcare standards, like us in the UK. But many, especially in developing countries for instance, do not. It’s imperative that your surgery is carried out in the most sterile environment possible, to reduce the risk of infection. It’s definitely good to know where you will be having the surgery, so you can make sure it’s up to standards.

Post op travel after surgery abroad

When getting surgery in the UK, you will probably be home within a few hours after surgery, where you can rest and recover in the safety of your own home and space. That’s what your body needs, for a few days and even weeks, depending on the surgery you have.

Jumping on crowded transport and planes for extended periods of time, in discomfort, could put you at unnecessary risk.

Cosmetic surgery aftercare

When having surgery abroad, unfortunately you aren’t able to get the correct and necessary aftercare, compared to companies like ours in the UK.

It’s probably the main difference between having surgery in the UK compared to abroad, and for us, the most important.

Whether you’re looking for breast implants, liposuction, a face-lift or rhinoplasty, although all common surgeries, they’re major and your body goes through a change and trauma. We feel the most important thing is to have your surgeon and healthcare professionals with you every single step of your surgical journey, especially afterwards. You’ll have post op questions, follow up appointments to remove stitches and check all is ok, and you’ll have ongoing advice and support at your disposal. We personally offer a lifetime aftercare programme, included as standard.

It’s simply not possible to receive this pre op and post op aftercare when you have surgery abroad, so you may have to seek additional advice here if something goes wrong.

Is it safer to get surgery in the UK or abroad?

We may be biased as we are in the UK, but many would agree that for UK residents, it is probably best to have surgery here on home soil. Of course there are many places around the world that have incredible standards and surgeons.

However, we feel cosmetic surgery isn’t just about the procedure itself, but about the pre and post op consultations and care. Knowing that you are looked after before, during and long after your procedure.

For more information about the surgeries we offer, where in the UK we offer them or the surgeons that work with us, head to our website or call us on 0330 124 4780.