*Breast shape and size is unique to you and your body*

Every single person on this planet is fortunate enough to have a different shape, figure and size. We are individually, magnificently unique and that’s what’s incredible about the human race! Just like the colour of our eyes, skin tone, height, hair colour, teeth and bone structure; our body shapes massively vary and, especially in this current century, no one shape or size is deemed as ‘perfect ‘.

Not too long ago, or frankly not long ago enough, we weren’t so kind to people with differences. People with ginger hair and light skin were mocked constantly and unfairly, curvy voluptuous figures were shamed into humiliation, even tall slender people were called stupid names like lampost legs, lanky and more. If you had any kind of skin condition or birthmarks, if the colour of your skin was different, or if you simply didn’t feel like the correct gender in your skin and body; it wasn’t accepted, instead mocked and ridiculed.

This was as recent as the 90’s, and sadly goes back centuries.

However! Towards the end of the 90’s and early noughties, people started waking up and realising that everyone can’t, and shouldn’t, strive to look the same and conform to airbrushed, unachievable, unrealistic stereotypes.

In 1999, Groove Armada wrote a song with the unforgettable lyrics, “If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired looking at each other” and in the very next month, Baz Luhrmann released an advice driven song that said ‘Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly’. That song went straight to number 1 in the charts. Perhaps this was (eventually) the end of an era, or century at least, of bullying and torment towards people who were born different, or who chose to be, or yearned to be different?

Now, here we are in the 21st Century and although there are of course still pressures and pandemics to deal with, and we are still very much learning to ‘be kind’, we’re eventually embracing each other’s vast variations.

We are moving further away from the age-old, outdated view of being a certain height, weight and the typical airbrushed figures, and rather celebrating and flourishing in a new era of atypical, unconventional beauty that we choose.

Whether you’re from gen X or Z, a millennial or nearly a centenarian, we now champion those who are idiosyncratic, quirky and outlandish. Just look at the role models of today! You’ve got Lizzo absolutely slaying the music industry as a plus size performer, Billie Eilish’s valiant refusal to bare skin and conform to the outdated ‘perfect pop star’, the utterly fabulous, fearless and courageous Caitlyn Jenner who paved the way for the LGBTQ+ community, and showed everyone it was ok to be who you really are and to the inspiring, wildy whacky 93 year old ‘Baddie Winkle’ who shows us all that age is but number, and to live life how YOU choose.

That’s the biggest difference, that’s the reason we are becoming ‘woke’. WE CHOOSE. We choose to be different, we choose to have funky hair and wear whatever the hell we want, we choose to cover ourselves in tattoos or not have any, we choose to work and flaunt our curves because they are now seen as real and sexy, we choose to show as much or as little of our skin as we like, we choose to nip, tuck, plump or lift parts of our body that we want to, not because we are supposed to in order to look like anyone else, because we want to enhance the way we feel about ourselves in our own skin. Because we choose.

Boobs, breasts, bosoms, chests all come in different contours and sizes; some are round, some are long, some go to the side, some hang down, some sit up, some are asymmetrical, and some people don’t have any at all!

Breast Size Matters

Yes we can be happy in style, in body shape and all other aspects of ourselves but as a woman if you lack confidence in your breasts, it can really affect you. We know that most people don’t just have ‘boob jobs’ to look a certain way these days, it’s ok to want to improve or change something in order to help you feel more like you, celebrate yourself, your being, whoever and whatever that may be.

We see clients from all over the UK, all walks of life. They come to us with different figures, builds, stories and requests. Perhaps they’re transitioning and want to add implants, perhaps they’ve lost loads of weight and need a full breast lift and augmentation, perhaps they desire a reduction as the weight is causing back problems, maybe they need a mastectomy to remove a cancer, or maybe they just want to feel better about their boobs and body. In today’s world surgery isn’t just about wanting to look a specific way, it’s about looking and feeling happy in your own skin, body and in mind.

So when we ask if size matters when thinking about breast surgery, the simple answer? No.

Size is down to our client’s requirements, yes, but also what the surgeon feels is aesthetically appropriate and safe and healthy for their frame, in their expert opinion and experience.

Every single prospective patient that walks through our door will need and want a different volume, form and appearance of breast. Everything we do as a company is tailored to each individual; knowing you as a person, knowing your shape, your posture, your intentions, your hopes and expectations. We talk, we discuss, we get to know each other and tailor a surgery plan together with what you want, and what our surgeon knows will work well for your intended goals.

One size certainly does not fit all, especially when it comes to breast enhancement, or any kind of surgery for that matter. We aren’t a company that simply asks what size you want and make you an appointment to get it done, whether it’s right for you or not. We care, we want to use our expertise and match them with your goals to create a body or look that’s right for you, perfect for your unique shape and size.

We want to celebrate you, celebrate who you want to be, in a time and world where it’s acceptable to be anyone you want as long as you’re happy (and kind!).