Full Tummy Tuck
7th August 2019
Surgery by Mr Prasad

I’m self employed and live in Wigan I have 3 children my youngest being 7yrs old.
For years and years my weight as been up and down the biggest I’ve been was 165kg in oct 2017 and knew something had to change so i looked at surgery for a Gastric sleeve i read all the positives and negatives and decided it was for me.
March 2018 i was booked in for surgery and i lost 10kg which then took me down to 155kg. The next 12 months i lost 50kg but my tummy was sagging and loose and did not look good so even though i was happy with the weight loss i was far from happy with the look and i couldn’t go to the gym as my tummy would wobble and sweat it was embarrassing . So i then looked at tummy tucks and came to see Mr Prasad he said i would need a full tummy tuck which he explained was a cut from below the bust reposition of my belly button and a cut from hip to hip. I booked in straight away as it was the surgery i wanted.
August 2019 i had surgery the best thing i ever did …
After coming out of surgery i can honestly say i wasn’t in any pain the only discomfort was the drains and were to hang them when pottering about.
Recovery was ok i couldn’t complain i had help around the house and just had plenty rest.
I now feel so different No wobbly belly No apron No soreness No sweaty bits hanging over i feel great my skin looks tight i don’t need to lift my tummy up to shave my bikini line i feel great i feel like me again this surgery meant so much and I’m sure people are now getting sick of seeing my new belly button haha even the scars I’ve got i love has it’s been a long journey getting to where i am and i can now start bk the gym with confidence and start my next goal of losing my next 25kg ….